A downloadable game for Windows

This project was developed within 48h during the Health Game Jam 2022.

The intended goal was to show, that even small decisions make a difference for the own point of view. A person that might have a mental difficulty might not be aware of the other possibilities. This way it's very hard to understand, that there might be a way out.

We hope that the little fish in this game show that a helping hand or a gesture might bring some more colour or brightness to someone elses life.


  • Zoe-Camille Schwarz: 2D Illustrations + Concept
  • Laura Scholzen: 2D Illustrations + Concept
  • Bernd Höllen: 2D Illustrations + UI
  • Dominik Viererbe: Unity Scripting Support
  • Sabine M. Heyne: Game Design + Unity Project + UX


YourUniverse_UnityBuild.zip 35 MB

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